Website For Your Non-Profit Built For Free

Only pay the costs we make.
You don’t pay us.

Are you a Non Profit Organization?

Do you want to make this world a better place?

Get your website built for free!

Only pay the costs we make! For example: Hosting costs, domain costs, the costs of softwaree for administering donations.

Why for free?

The answer is simple: Because we believe we all should do our best to help to make this world a better place. And more often than we like  money stops us from doing that.

So that is why we build NPO websites for free. You only pay for the costs we make. 

Not every organisation gets a website built for free. Please fill in the form to check if your organisation is eligible.

The Options

New Website

We make websites from scratch. We discuss together what your website should look like. After that we will build your website, with your constant feedback. This way we make sure you are happy and the end result will be beautiful and good.


There is also an option to clean up or improve your website. We will then discuss with you what you want to change to make the site beautiful and clean again.

Other options

Many other things are possible as well! So Please contact us and we will then figure out how to make your website look great (again).

The endless possibilities
of a website...

A Non Profit Organization should have a beautiful and clear website. That is where it starts. People can look you up, people can donate money, and more importantly, the world can see what beautiful things you stant for.  Your website will help you grow and do the things your organisation stands for.



Hi! My name is Emanuel. I live in The Netherlands. I came up with the idea to help Non-profit organizations by building their website for free. I have always liked to build websites. It combines creativity and passion for technical things with my endeavours to assist people who are doing good. 

I really think we should care more for each other and help one another out as we can. This is why I made this site. Building a website normally costs a lot of money and, if you build it yourself, a lot of time. For Non Profit Organizations that mainly receive funding from donations, this can be a major obstacle. This is why I want to help these organizations out. You only pay  pay the costs I make. I do this because I believe we are only going to make this world a little better if we are kind to each other and if don’t always expect something in return.

So are you a Non Profit Organization and do you need a website? Please fill in the form below to check whether you are eligible.

What You Get

The site itself.

Not finished until we are both happy about it. When it looks good and performs well. No exception.

Free email*

3 Free email addresses for example: info@yourdomain and donations@yourdomain and survey@yourdomain

Free updates*

We will update the web page if you want to post a new picture or new text. 

Free software updates*

Your site will be  updated and  maintained . If any problems should occur We will try to solve them as quickly as possible.

* Only when we host the site for you . 

Other options may be requested. 

Other Sites We Have Made

The websites displayed here are all in Dutch. Other possible languages:  English, German, French and Italian.

Foundation Milly Mamoudou

This site I made for a Non-Profit Organization that helps people in Guinee (Africa). They already had a website, but it was slow and unorganized. So we, the Organization and I, decided we would give it a fresh design that was also easy to read.

This is a site for the student council of a Grammar school in Amsterdam. It has a beautiful clean design with all the standard pages you need. (contact, news, log-in etc.)